Brand new beginner program begins Thursday May 4th @9:30am at the White Rose Bridge Club!

An ACBL-certified instructor & Easybridge! Presenter teaches all lessons.

To register email us or call Edward at 717-434-3298

New Beginner Program

Come learn the world’s greatest card game-- BRIDGE
Begin your journey Thursday May 4th 2023 @9:30 am at White Rose Bridge Club with an Easybridge! class.
• Brand new players
• Players coming back to the game
• Social players transitioning to duplicate
• Players who just want to start over and fill in some gaps.

Includes a free book.$10 per class Registration required

To register email [email protected] or call Edward at 717-434-3298

White Rose Bridge Club
2109 Industrial Highway York, PA 17402

We are accepting 2023 Memberships!

Non-member fee - $12 | Member Fee - $10

In-Person Schedule:
Monday 0-750 9:30 am --- Open 12:30pm
Tuesday Workshop 9:30am --- Open 12:30pm
Wednesday 0-750 9:30am --- Open 12:30pm
Thursday Beginner classes 9:30am --- 0-300 12:30pm
Friday 0-750 9:30am

all limited games have 20 min lesson prior to game

Proof of Vaccination is required. Masks are HIGHLY recommended!