Welcome to White Rose Bridge Club
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It's always a great day to play bridge!

We are accepting 2023 Memberships. If you are not a member game fees will be $12. $10 if a member. Effective 1/1/2023.

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Special Events for February

[email protected] (Silver points) week Mon. 2/13-Fri. 2/17. Games $1 Extra with Silver & Enhanced points.

Fri. 2/17 "Love Bridge, Love Your Partner" Food 11:30, Game at Noon. Click here for details

Club Championship games Monday 2/20-Friday 2/27.

February Workshops 9:30-11:30am
All about Slam bidding and play

Tuesday 2/7- Gerber (it ain't just for babies)
Tuesday 2/14-1430 Key Card Blackwood
Tuesday 2/21-Control bidding to slam
Tuesday 2/28- 2 Club Openers---responding and rebids

Proof of Vaccination required. Masks are HIGHLY recommended!

In Person Schedule:
Monday 0-750 9:30 am--- Open 12:30pm
Tuesday Workshop 9:30am--- Open 12:30pm---      0-300 6:30pm
Wednesday 0-750 9:30am---Open 12:30pm
Thursday 0-300 9:30am---Beginner 12:30pm
Friday 0-750 9:30am

all limited games have 20 min lesson prior to game.